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Addict Clothing

Addict clothing has always been one of yakwax's favourite brands to deal with. Addict offers clothing which is great because no matter if your after urban style, music fashion or skate clothing Addict always comes up with the goods to get you in top quality threads!

Addict is a clothing company that is homegrown right here in the UK and doing a damn good job at representing our passion for top quality garments and self-expression of where we come from. Addict clothing simply rules.

Addict Mens Clothing

Addict's range of men's clothing is purely top class. Their T-Shirt and Hoodie range is especially popular due to the amount of street artist that they collaborate with to create insanely unique great looking articles of clothing. In the past artists such as Swifty, C-Law and Syd Mead have bought their unique flavours and designs and incorporated them on t-shirts, shorts, jackets and hoodies to create outstanding garments.

Addict Women's Clothing

Like with the men's line, Addict women's clothing produce some amazing garments. From the in your face all over prints to the nice, sweet and simple look they cover it all. The quality of materials used if evident upon first touch, the hoodies feel like they were meant to be warn in a cosy and comfortable manner and that is what you want as well as great looking and styled products.


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