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Mens Jeans, Denim, Chinos and Cargo Pants

Denim Jeans and Pants

By far the most worn style of leg clothing in Europe and America. What would we all be wearing if there was no such thing as Jeans?

Chances are if you surf, skate, snowboard or love the urban street lifestyle you will own at least one pair of jeans.


We absolutely love Jeans and denim here at Yakwax and that is why we aim to have plenty of them in stock to choose from! Everything from loose relaxed fit to slim and straight fit

Volcom jeans, Matix denim and DC jeans is what you need if you are looking for skate / urban or surf jeans. Any self respecting surfer, skater or street wear enthusiast with know that these brands deliver the highest quality denim at cheap prices, this combination puts a massive smile on ours and our customers  faces.

DC Jeans, Volcom, Matix Jeans and Denim

Volcom jeans have built an extremely solid reputation for producing high quality denim products over the years. It started off that they would supply their skate team riders with jeans to show their range off but they have now moved more into the music and in particular rock market to get their denim out there to the masses. As with Volcom, DC are high on surfers and skaters lists for their favourite denim, DC shoes are especially great at offering their jeans at cheap prices.

Matix fall into the same boat as DC by offering top qualtiy denim at low prices but they usually throw in a few twists here and there like with their fleece lined denim which is particularly aimed at snowboarders/skiers or anyone living in cold climates.

Chinos & Cargo Trousers

At Yakwax we do not just stock Jeans as a form of pant but also Chinos, chords, cargo pants, Joggers or pants for when you want to mix things up or look a little smarter. Are you heading out for a nice eveing but want to look less scruffy yet still keep your unique style about you? Well this would be the perfect time to bust out a pair of chinos by Volcom, DC or Famous stars and straps to rock that smart edgy look.


Whatever kind of pant or trouser youre after, Yakwax has got you covered! we have got all these great styles available such as chinos and cargo trousers from big brands like Volcom, DC, Matix, Billabong, DVS and famous stars and straps.


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