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Sex Wax Surf Wax and Car Air Freshener

Mr Zogs is most well known for being the creator of the most popular surf wax on the planet, Sex Wax. Not only is this type of wax one of the gripiest and sticky you can get for your surfboard but the smells that they come in are just out of this world. As soon as you unwrap it you will think be taken to a tropical island by its amazing scent.

Sex wax produce a range of compounds to suit every surfers needs such as Original, Quick Humps, Really Tacky, Bodyboard, Snowboard, Skateboard and Hockey wax.

Their surf wax comes in a variety of hardness's so you can always have the correct wax no matter whether you are in Scotland or Bali.

Sex Wax have taken this phenominal smell and also put it in a car airfreshener so your car will always smell like a freshly waxed surfboard.

All of the sex wax car air fresheners and candles come in an assortment of flavours, which include coconut, strawberry, grape and pineapple

Sex Wax Candles

Along with the car air fresheners, Sex Wax have taken this concept and induced it into a candles so now you can have a wicked smelling, slow burning sex wax candle in your bedroom or house... or anywhere else you want to smell amazing and fill the air with the tropics.


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