5 Boro

5Boro is a New York based skateboard deck and apparel brand that's been around for two decades. It is one of the many skate companies founded and run by skaters for skaters. Known for creating durable 7-ply skateboard decks, 5Boro proudly manufactures them in the US. Their decks are made for all skill levels, whether you're amateur or pro. All of their products whether it be skate decks, tees or hats all have visually appealing design concepts - from simple wordings to images of dragons and snakes, to artsy beach sceneries. Get 5Boro skate decks and apparel here at Yakwax together with our FREE UK delivery service!

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5Boro Skateboard Decks, Clothing & Accessories UK Shop

5Boro is New York City's leading skate brand that perfectly epitomise the heart and soul of skateboarding. The company was founded in 1996 by pro skateboarder Steve Rodriguez and is currently being operated together with his pal and fellow NYC skater, Mark Nardelli.

The company's name represents and reflects the streets around the boroughs that the 5Boro crew have skated over the years. With the lack of 'real' skating companies in the city, the founders have enough reasons to put up a 'real' skateboard-based company that provides quality products to the kids in NYC and across the globe.

Also, the striking visual designs on their skateboard decks, clothing and accessories are among the best on the east coast. Particularly, their signature and regular decks designs are visually appealing and unique. You will never find anything similar to what 5Boro have to offer on both quality and aesthetics.

Riding 5Boro decks and wearing their clothing are some of today's most popular riders namely Guillaume Dulout, Rob Gonyon, Silvester Eduardo, Jordan Trahan, Elijah Cole, Danny Falla, Akira Ishizawa, Jimmy McDonald, Keith Hardy, Ricky Gieger, Willy Akers, Brandon Jacobson, Joe Tookmanian, Dan Pensyl, Mark Nardelli, Tombo Colabraro, and Steve Rodriguez.

No Trade Secrets, Just Excellent Process and Materials

The company is known for their tough 7-ply skateboard decks which are proudly made in the USA. The decks are specifically made in Alabama and they use Canadian Maple hardwood that can withstand the wear and tear of tech as well as hardcore skateboarding. The boards are pressed with utmost precision to achieve company standards.

Steve has mentioned in an interview that there are usually 'trade secrets' that companies do not disclose. However, 5Boro simply have excellent manufacturing process and materials that make their decks unique and sought-after by avid skaters everywhere.

A Brand with a Mission

The need to put a 'real' skate company in NYC is deeply embedded in the founding of 5Boro.

From running errands around Greenwich Village, to skating on the streets of Soho, Chinatown, the Financial District, Tribeca, and Chelsea, the founders' adventures since the early 80's have brought them to new and lesser known places to skate. To this day, the crew would come across places in the city that seemed unfamiliar due to the ever-changing cityscapes.

For many years, 5Boro continues to be a key player in New York City's skateboarding scene by partnering with local officials in projects that help make the city more skate-friendly, and by being deeply involved in advocacies such as Back to the Banks and Go Skateboarding Day.

Currently, the company holds the distinct honour of being the longest-running independently owned and operated skate company in the history of New York City.

The status of FiveBoro as the top skate brand in New York is deeply seated in the company's foundation. With a legendary skater as one of the founders, it is not unusual to realise that the brand is more than just a name or logo on a skate deck. Two decades of finding out and advocating the best places to skate in the city, plus excellent product offerings make 5Boro a legend in the industry.

Get your 5Boro skate decks and apparel right here at Yakwax! Everything comes with our superb FREE UK delivery service.