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New Skate Hardware and Thrasher x Atlantic Drift tops Now Available at Yakwax!

  It’s 2018! It’s definitely time to update your skate getup and hardware with the latest apparel from Thrasher and skateboard products from some of the top brands we carry such as Spitfire, Anti Hero, Ricta, Bones, Real and our very own Yakwax brand. Why wait for the next batch of skate goodies when you can browse and shop for new tops, decks, wheels and more. Our latest offering for the new year is packed with colourful designs and graphics, with the standard blacks and whites for those who follow... Read More

Stance-Womens-Socks-Holiday-2017-yakwax 17/12/2017

The Stance Women’s Holiday 2017 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

  There is only one brand that resonates when it comes to innovative, high-performance socks – Stance. Whether you purchase socks for sports purposes or for personal use, this brand offers a great selection for men, women and kids. Speaking of great socks selection, Stance Women’s Holiday 2017 collection has landed at the Yakwax store! We are stoked to receive this latest drop from Stance in time for the holidays. Ladies, it’s time to throw away those old boring socks and stock up on new pairs that will rock your... Read More

huf-southpark-collaboration-2017 11/12/2017

The Huf x South Park Limited Edition Capsule is Now Available at Yakwax!

  If you love the cartoon series South Park, you’ll definitely enjoy having and wearing some of the products that have been produced in collaboration with this iconic TVs series. Now, if you love South Park and Huf clothing and accessories, you will surely enjoy their exciting and colourful blend of products that any fan shouldn’t miss. This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Huf x South Park Limited Edition Capsule at the Yakwax store. From t-shirts to jackets, to socks, sandals, beanies and caps, any fan of... Read More

skate-wear-hardware-yakwax-2017 06/12/2017

The Latest Skate Apparel, Hardware and Accessories Now Available at Yakwax!

Stocking up on the latest skate wear, hardware, boards and accessories as the year 2017 draws to a close is one of the many activities many skaters and fans are doing these days. The need for new clothing and gear before hitting out the skate parks is a must especially if you are a hardcore skater. But if you are just a fan of the sport and you love skate apparel and accessories, you will enjoy shopping for the latest releases we have here at the Yakwax store! We are super... Read More

brixton-holiday-2017-yakwax 29/11/2017

The Brixton Holiday 2017 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax

  Classic styles are always timeless especially when it comes to apparel and other soft goods. The aim of most brands is to produce pieces that will appeal to a wide demographic without upsetting their budgets, and without changing their designs constantly. In the skate and street apparel categories, it is a fact that not all individuals have excessive budgets to splurge on clothing. Often they are looking for long-lasting apparel that can last for several seasons or years. Aesthetically, many classic apparel have survived the test of time and... Read More

stance-starwars-2017-yakwax 27/11/2017

Stance x Star Wars Limited Edition Socks and Boxers Now Available at Yakwax!

  The popularity of Stance as an innovator in the sock and underwear categories is always augmented with their collaborations with equally, if not more, popular brands, celebrities and movies. One of these collaborations that truly stand out among skate, street and movie fans is their Star Wars collab. Quite popular in the 80’s and even more so in the 21st century, Star Wars is an iconic film that continues to amaze and linger in the memories of fans. What better way to celebrate and have a piece of memorabilia... Read More

Yakwax-Beanies 24/11/2017

Cool Yakwax Beanies Now Available at the Yakwax Store!

  The simplest and easiest headwear you can find anywhere are beanies. These are quite useful, convenient and stylish, and can be worn by everyone at any age. Speaking of beanies, we are really ecstatic to announce that we have the latest stock of Yakwax beanies for everyone to enjoy. From pom beanies to basics, to slouchy, to folded and snow/winter types, our own brand of beanies will certainly delight your interest. Browse below for five of our most interesting, cool and colourful beanies this season! We hope you like our... Read More


Rad Men’s Skate Shoes Holiday 2017 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!

  The best men’s skate shoes don’t always have to be too expensive and technical-looking in general. While there are certain features that make excellent skate shoes a little pricier, their makers are well aware of the fact that there should be a balance between style, function and quality. These are the reasons why men’s skate shoes are highly sought after, not just by skateboarders, but by style aficionados as well. Paying the right price for such qualities is just a small effort, compared to the ease, comfort and satisfaction... Read More

surf-accessories-november-2017-yakwax 19/11/2017

The Coolest New Surf Accessories Now Available at Yakwax!

  Before the year 2017 ends, it’s best to stock up on proper surf accessories for your winter shredding and for next year. Better prep and stuff your bags with the necessary surfing products before you go to your local beach or travel to another continent for a surfing adventure. Here at Yakwax, we have a great selection of surfboard gear, wetsuits, wet and dry bags for your clothes, ear plugs and many more, for men, women and kids who love riding the waves. This is why we are super stoked... Read More

Stance-Mens-Socks-Holiday-2017-yakwax 17/11/2017

The Stance Men’s Socks Holiday 2017 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!

  The Holiday season is just around the corner, and what better way to prep yourself up for the cold months than getting a pair or two of warm, comfy socks! With many options to choose from, there’s always only one brand to choose when it comes to innovative and stylish socks – Stance. The brand is known all over the globe for their sports-centric socks that offer benefits to the wearer. From properly selected materials to the type of woven fabric they use, to colour combinations and collaborations, Stance... Read More