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stance-fall-2017-yakwax 18/08/2017

The Stance Fall 2017 Collection is Now Available at the Yakwax Store!

  When you need the coolest socks on Earth, there’s only one brand to go for – Stance. Stance socks have dominated its market share of high-quality and graphically pleasing socks. No wonder even high-profile celebrities are into these socks – whether as inspirations, models or collaborators. Each season is an opportunity to see their latest creations that are typically colourful and graphically appealing to a wide demographic. Collaboration socks always have a place in Stance’s seasonal collections, so it’s best to always watch out and see what you fancy. No... Read More

yakwax-kids-tops 14/08/2017

New Yakwax Kids Tops Now Available at the Yakwax Store

  Much like the renowned idols in the surf and skating world, the pros are also avid wearers of hoodies and plain tees that allow them to move efficiently without restrictions. Comfort and style are often the major considerations when choosing the top/s to wear, so it’s only normal to see their young fans do the same. We are so stoked to announce that the Yakwax brand of kids’ clothing are now available in our stores online and offline! As part of the Yakwax brand of surf and skate clothing line,... Read More

huf-x-pinkpanther-yakwax 07/08/2017

The Huf x Pink Panther Collection Has Landed at Yakwax

  Huf is a renowned brand among skateboarders, street wear aficionados and and skate shoes enthusiasts. This is a brand that appeals to almost anyone who loves edgy styles in their clothing and footwear. Moreover, this is a brand that constantly retains the influence of skate culture through the expression of art and independence among their sneaker and apparel lines. If you love Huf clothing and accessories, you will surely love their latest collaboration with Pink Panther. This collection has a predominant pink theme with the classic cartoon character as part... Read More

yakwax-adults-tops 06/08/2017

The New Yakwax Adult Apparel and Skate Deck are Now Available at the Yakwax Store!

  As a leading UK stockist of Surf, Skate and Streetwear brands, Yakwax is also known for topnotch customer service. We’ve been shipping countless apparel and gear to our dear customers here at home, around the UK and across the globe. But we haven’t with our very own brand. That was before… We are so stoked to announce that our very own Yakwax apparel and skate deck are now available! Whether you’re a surfer, skater or a simple guy next door, we have something for you to try and add in to your wardrobe.... Read More

futures-fcs-august-yakwax 04/08/2017

New FCS and Futures Fins Now Available at Yakwax!

  Two of the world’s most sought-after brands when it comes to surfboard fins are FCS and Futures. Many surfers can easily recommend or mention these two brands to other surfers because of their technical features and great fin concepts. Both brands manufacture fins made of strong, lightweight materials that do not break easily, allowing surfers to ride even the most challenging waves. Whether you like the feel of glass-on fins or the benefits of using removable fins, stocking up on FCS and Futures fins will benefit your surfing in... Read More

dc-fall-2017-yakwak 02/08/2017

The DC Fall 2017 Collection Has Arrived at the Yakwax Store!

Skateboarding is not complete without the proper attire for the warm and cold months. This is one of the most important considerations when you are shredding in different locations and in various climates. With plenty of brands that cater to skaters, DC is definitely one of the most prominent in the industry because of their style that appeal to both skaters and non-skaters. Truly, this is a brand that transcends beyond skateboarding as most DC apparel and accessories appeal to the youth and street style aficionados. This is why we are... Read More

gorilla-tailpads-yakwax 01/08/2017

Cool New Gorilla Surf Tail Pads Now Available at Yakwax

  With over 30 years in the industry, Gorilla Surf is the brand that brings cool and colorfully designed grippy tail pads for surfers all over the world. They are known for their lightweight EVA foam that comes with extremely strong glue. Some of the first surfboard traction pads commercially available were made by Gorilla Surf. The company constantly evolves and revolutionises their tail pads through enhanced gripping capability and design that appeal to surfers around the globe. If you’ve been meaning to get new tail pads for your board,... Read More

thrasher-buttergoods-new-tops-yakwax 25/07/2017

New Tops From Butter Goods and Thrasher Now Available at Yakwax!

  Two of skateboarding industry’s renowned apparel brands are Butter Goods and Thrasher. They have become staple clothing brands among skateboarders, casual fans and street fashion aficionados. With straightforward graphics and designs, these brands produce excellent array of apparel and accessories through the years. Expect distinct logos and brand names printed on tops and caps, for that is their signature style that captures attention and awe of their fans. We are super stoked to announce that the latest cool tops from Butter Goods and Thrasher have arrived at the Yakwax... Read More

ocean&earth-surf-accessories-yakwax2017 22/07/2017

The Latest Ocean & Earth Surf Accessories Are Now Available at Yakwax

  Ocean & Earth is known as the maker of “The World’s Strongest Leash”. They have been touted as such because of their dedication to producing surf leashes that can withstand the harsh environments that many pro surfers are going for. With the same motto of creating high-quality products for decades, the brand also makes surf accessories to meet the ever-growing demands of surfers all across the globe. This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of the newest Ocean & Earth surf accessories right here at the Yakwax... Read More

es-lakai-supra-shoes-yakwax-2017 21/07/2017

The Latest éS, Lakai and Supra Shoes Have Arrived at the Yakwax Store!

  Considered as three of the most innovative skate shoes in the world are éS, Lakai and Supra. These brands utilise modern technology in producing the most advanced and technically appropriate skate shoes that meet the needs of professional skateboarders. Even non-skaters also love these shoe brands for their style and overall appearance. Basically, it all comes down to performance and how skaters benefit from the design and structure of éS, Lakai and Supra shoes as they shred and do tricks on a regular basis. We are ecstatic to announce that the... Read More