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dakine-surf-spring2018-yakwax 20/04/2018

The Dakine Surf Spring 2018 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

  Surfing in spring calls for brand new destinations to shred and for new gear to upgrade your good old board. Of course, you can always trust your surfboard for long-term usage if it’s always kept in pristine condition. But items such as leashes, tail pads and grips, as well as car roof racks often take the major beating when you’re always travelling to surf. This season is the best time to replace or upgrade your surf gear before going on your next surfing trip. This is why we are super... Read More

skate-shoes-spring-2018-yakwax 16/04/2018

Skate Shoes Spring 2018 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!

  Spring is here and it’s the best time to update your skating apparel and footwear. The warmer months call for lighter and more comfortable getup and shoes in order for you to fully enjoy shredding. Skate shoes, in particular, are designed to provide utmost comfort and protection for your feet. The only way to ensure that your feet’s safety and comfort are not compromised is to get proper skate shoes from renowned brands in the industry. With that said, we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the... Read More

huf-spring-2018-yakwax 11/04/2018

The Huf Spring 2018 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!

  Springtime is the best time to wear colourful apparel and ocmplementary accessories. For skaters, street style aficionados and anyone who has an active lifestyle, Huf is one of their go-to brands for casual, cool and edgy getup. We are stoked to announce that the Huf Spring 2018 collection is now available at Yakwax! From cool socks and caps, to hoodies and tees – you can easily come up with a getup that’s ready to wear and perfect for the warmer months. Browse below for our top five favourites. We hope you like... Read More

volcom-spring-2018-collection-yakwax 05/04/2018

The Volcom Spring 2018 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!

  Spring definitely calls for new set of clothing and accessories. It is essential to at least update your wardrobe with a few pieces each season to ensure you have fresh set of clothes for both work and outdoor activities. One of the world’s renowned surf, skate and streetwear brands that constantly provide stylish and functional apparel and accessories is Volcom. The company’s  offerings are as iconic as the brand itself for it draws inspiration from youth culture and innovation. Now’s the time to finally upgrade your wardrobe with fresh... Read More

stance-mens-socks-spring-2018-yakwax 23/03/2018

Stance Men’s Socks Spring 2018 Batch 2 – Now Available at Yakwax!

  These days, a man’s getup won’t be complete without his favourite pair of socks. In the past few decades, socks were just a mere necessity for feet protection and comfort, and often made with standard soft, stretchy material. Thanks to modern innovations, these footwear items were able to take centre stage, and Stance paved the way and took socks to the next level. They are known for innovative design and materials, as well as colour schemes, patterns and artwork that deserve honorable mentions in the skate and street style... Read More

brixton-spring-2018-yakwax 18/03/2018

The Brixton Spring 2018 Collection Has Arrived at the Yakwax Store!

  One of the skate and street style brands that’s known for classic and more refined approach to their designs is Brixton. They are long-timers in the industry with over a decade of existence, and they have a reputation in creating crisp quality clothing and accessories for those who love timeless appeal in their getup. It’s no surprise that Brixton was the Breakout Brand of the Year in the 2013 SIMA Image Awards held in California, USA.  And we are more than delighted to announce that their Spring 2018 collection has landed... Read More

grizzly-spring-2018-yakwax 10/03/2018

The Grizzly Spring 2018 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!

  Skaters and casual wear aficionados enjoy the ease of wearing basic tops and jeans in the springtime. One of the skate brands you can rely on when it comes to cool tops and griptape is Grizzly. The brand is known for their vibrant hues and youthful designs that most skaters enjoy wearing. Without further ado, we are happy to announce the arrival of the Grizzly Spring 2018 collection at the Yakwax store! Truly, Grizzly is a brand that helps you stand out with their design graphics, colour options and overall aesthetic.... Read More

tls-hooded-poncho-beach-robes-2018-yakwax 09/03/2018

Cool New TLS Hooded Ponchos Now Available at the Yakwax Store!

  Surfers often want to carry just two loads when travelling – their surfboard and a backpack with all their travel essentials. Clothing, wetsuit and changing poncho are a must especially if you want a light travel bag in tow. TLS is one of the world’s renowned brands when it comes to surfing tools and accessories, and their changing poncho robes are pro surfers’ favourites. This is why we are super stoked to announce that the latest and coolest TLS hooded poncho towels are now available at Yakwax! These cool and... Read More

diamondsupplyco-spring-2018-yakwax 06/03/2018

The Diamond Supply Co. Spring 2018 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!

  Springtime is knocking at your door with the opportunity to update your wardrobe. If you love skating or you’re just an avid fan who also loves streetwear style, you very much understand the need for cool and classic attire staple. You may not always shop for jeans and trousers, but tops, footwear and headwear are absolute musts especially at the turn of the season. This is why we are so stoked to announce the arrival of the Diamond Supply Co. Spring 2018 collection at the Yakwax store! We can’t wait to... Read More

thrasher-spring-2018-yakwax 03/03/2018

The Thrasher Spring 2018 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

  In the skateboarding world, the name Thrasher is both brand and magazine that are quite familiar with fans and practitioners. Thrasher t-shirts are among the most sought-after today, despite the lack of artsy designs and other graphics. The brand name and magazine logo rolled into one is enough reason to get a tee, sweatshirt or hoodie because, indeed, its name is basically the equivalent of skateboarding. Whether you skate or not, we definitely understand why Thrasher is a must-have in almost anyone’s wardrobe. This is why we are super... Read More