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vonzipper-santacruz-sunglasses-2018-yakwax 18/06/2018

Santa Cruz and Von Zipper 2018 Sunglasses Now Available at Yakwax!

  The summer months bring in warmth and enjoyment for everyone as it is the season to go out and have fun with family and friends. For many sports practitioners, it is the time of year to fully enjoy their training sessions and a bit of relaxation afterwards. It is also the time for going to the beach and travelling, whilst being fashionable as well. Among the must-have accessories during the summer months are sunglasses. They are fashionable, fun and protective as most of the sunnies produced nowadays are made with UV-protection... Read More

alder-wetsuits-2018-yakwax 13/06/2018

The Alder Wetsuit 2018 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

  Wetsuits are integral part of surfing no matter the weather. They minimise and prevent rashes; protect the wearer from extreme weather and water temperatures; and add a touch of style. Generally, youngsters are advised to wear wetsuits especially during the cold seasons and during training sessions for caution. Some kids may not be keen on wearing them because they think it’s uncomfortable to wear wetsuits. However, these days you will find a variety in terms of thickness and materials, so it’s easier to choose one for a specific season. Look... Read More

rusty-summer-2018-yakwax 11/06/2018

The Rusty Summer 2018 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!

  Summer is definitely the season to enjoy all outdoor activities. But it is essential to have comfortable light clothes and headwear especially if you’re heading out to the beach. If springtime was a bit so-so, summertime should be your ultimate fun time to fully enjoy the warm weather and the waves. For surfers and beach-goers, this season is the most-awaited, but can also be a bit daunting if your summer clothes and accessories are unavailable or already outdated. Worry no more… Because the Rusty Summer 2018 collection has landed... Read More

rusty-spring-2018-yakwax 08/06/2018

The Rusty Spring 2018 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

  Getting new spring clothing and accessories for surfers and other water sports practitioners is easier than before. There’s a myriad of options in the market that are specifically designed for them and by brands that focus on surfing and other types of water sports and lifestyle. One of the brands that resonate well with the surfing and water sports community is Rusty. The brand is known for their surfboards, but they have expanded to creating and providing apparel and fashion accessories as well. This is why we are super... Read More

hurley-summer-2018-yakwax 07/06/2018

The Hurley Summer 2018 Collection is Now at Yakwax!

  The warmer months are definitely made for outdoor enjoyment and one better to spend them is at the local surfing destination. The waves beckon even more when the spring-summer transition takes place as the sun shines even brighter, leading beach-lovers and surfers to congregate at their favourite spots. Speaking of surfing, there is one brand that provides innovative and stylish surf wear and casual clothing especially during the warm seasons. With its award-winning surf and swim wear designs, it’s always easy for most pro and amateur surfers to choose Hurley... Read More

fcs-2018-collection-yakwax 30/05/2018

The FCS 2018 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!

  Spring and summer surfing bring joy to avid surfers. These are the best seasons to go out and enjoy longer hours at your favourite surfing destinations. Equipping yourself and vehicle with proper gear and accessories are essential to fully enjoy surfing. The warm seasons offer great opportunities to explore and shred the waters you’ve never tried before, but it is important to be prepared if road trips and hours of surfing are both involved. We are absolutely stoked to announce the arrival of the FCS 2018 collection here at... Read More

vissla-spring-2018-yakwax 17/05/2018

Cool Vissla Spring 2018 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!

  Springtime surfing is in and it’s the best time to acquire new warm weather clothing for seaside hanging out and for riding the waves. Whether you surf or not, there’s always a reason to get proper clothing from Vissla. This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of Vissla spring 2018 collection at our store. We’ve got you and your kid covered from cool tops, shorts, wetsuits and caps. Grab yours today before hitting the beach this weekend. Below is a sneak peak of what’s in... Read More

globe-spring-2018-yakwax 09/05/2018

Globe Spring 2018 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!

  Spring time always calls for light and comfortable clothing especially for sporty and adventurous individuals. We all want to relax and enjoy the outdoors during this season after months of experiencing the cold weather and snow. Light and airy are the perfect descriptions for our latest drop from Globe apparel. We are ecstatic to share with you the Globe Spring 2018 collection, ranging from tops, shorts and caps for men and boys. If you’re tired of wearing what’s inside your wardrobe, this is the right time to get a... Read More

primitive-skateboarding-spring-2018-yakwax 04/05/2018

Primitive Spring 2018 Collection Now Available at Yakwax

  Spring is your time to shine at the skate parks. Practice those tricks you’ve been meaning to try while the weather is pleasant and inviting. Of course, your choice of attire can help you move freely and with confidence. Loose, breathable and lighter skating apparel is essential during springtime ’til summer. This is why we are stoked to announce the arrival of Primitive spring 2018 clothing collection! Choose from a cool list of skateboarding and street style clothing from t-shirts, light jackets and hoodies, caps and more. When it’s... Read More

huf-felix-2018-yakwax 27/04/2018

The Huf x Felix the Cat Collection is Now Available at Yakwax

  Skate, surf and street style fashions are synonymous with each other because of the combination of cool and stylish complementary attire that mostly consists of t-shirt, jeans or any casual trousers, snapback caps and a light outerwear. Huf is one of the most sought-after brands in the industry that truly delivers some of today’s coolest apparel and fashion accessories. This is why we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the Huf x Felix the Cat collection at the Yakwax store! Everything is covered from head to toe, so make... Read More