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grizzly-griptape-fall-2017-yakwax 22/10/2017

The Grizzly Fall 2017 Collection Has Landed at Yakwax!

  Skateboarding is often said to be the sport of the young and the young at heart. It requires strength, agility, skill and expertise in order to stay in the sport. Similarly, skate brands that stay up to date and appealing to both young and old are crucial to their existence. The same can be said about Grizzly, the renowned grip tape brand that started out as a young, crude business enterprise that grew into the iconic skate brand we all know and love. This is why we are super... Read More


Vissla Fall 2017 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!

  The appeal of Vissla casual surf wear goes beyond the radar of avid surfers and beach fans. These soft goods are well-rounded, practical and can be worn anywhere by anyone who loves comfortable clothing and effortless style. Although the brand is known for wetsuits, Vissla has come a long way and incorporated casual apparel with street style appeal that extends their demographic. We are stoked to announce that the Vissla Fall 2017 clothing and accessories collections have landed at the Yakwax store! Full of superb casual apparel for both surfers... Read More

dc-fall-2017-yakwax 18/10/2017

The DC Fall 2017 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!

  DC is one of those skate and street brands that easily captured a large demographic across the USA and the world. It represents youth culture, skate culture and everything street style rolled into one. This is why it is normal to see people wearing DC shoes and apparel even though many of them are non-skaters. The brand is simply appealing, practical and effortlessly fashionable We know many of you love DC shoes and clothing, which is why we are super stoked to announce that the DC Fall 2017 collection has... Read More

huf-fall-2017-drp1 12/10/2017

The Huf Fall 2017 Collection is Now Available at Yakwax!

  Huf is known to push the envelope a little bit further than the norm – creating edgier appeal and stirring up interest among their avid fans and non-fans as well. As a skate and street fashion brand, Huf reaches a wide demographic and creates more possibilities for fashionable skaters and street style aficionados than any conventional skate brand. Without further ado, we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the first drop of Huf Fall 2017 collection at the Yakwax store! We’ve got you covered from head to... Read More

new-skate-footwear-yakwax 29/09/2017

Cool New Shoes From Some of the Greatest Skate Brands Now Available at Yakwax

  When it comes to skate shoes, there are plenty of options to choose from. But skaters of today have high standards and discriminating tastes, giving both high-end and mainstream brands more reasons to continue producing the most innovative skate shoes each year. We are glad that we carry some of the greatest skate shoe brands in the world! And we are super stoked to announce the arrival of the latest and coolest pairs of skate shoes at the Yakwax store. The raddest shoes from Lakai, DC, eS, Supra, Globe,... Read More

new-skate-items-yakwax 25/09/2017

New Cool Skate Products Have Landed at the Yakwax Store!

  Skateboarding is always evolving as a sport and as a lifestyle. With it comes the multitude of choices when it comes to gear – may it be the skate deck, wheels, trucks, tools and accessories. When it’s that time to finally upgrade or replace a part, if not all, of your skateboard, Yakwax always has the latest skate items you can shop for and tick on your list. With that said, we are super stoked to announce the latest drop from some of the top skating brands such as... Read More

wetsuits-new-arrival-yakwax 24/09/2017

New Alder and Vissla Westuits Have Arrived at the Yakwax Store!

  Don’t let the incoming cold months deter you from enjoying the waves, so get ready with the right gear before you hit the open seas, We are super stoked to announce the arrival of the latest wetsuits from two of the most sought-after brands in surfing, Vissla and Alder. Men, women and groms can choose from the basic blacks and bright colourways to match their style. Wave riders of all ages, make sure to get these top of the line surf wear to fully enjoy your shredding. Below are... Read More

skate-clothing-various-2017-yakwax 10/09/2017

Cool New Skate Apparel Now Available at the Yakwax Store

  Shred in style with the latest drop from éS, Diamond Supply Co., Emerica and Shake Junt. From t-shirts to hoodies, camouflage pants and passport case, to casual buttoned shirts and socks – these essentials are a must if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe. We are super stoked to receive this latest drop from some of the top brands in skateboarding and street style fashion. Yakwax is proud to carry these brands for years and we know how groms and grown-up skaters, and street style aficionados appreciate the designs... Read More

Fall-2017-Shoes-Yakwax 31/08/2017

Fall 2017 Shoes Collection Now Available at the Yakwax Store

  What unites skaters and their fans aside from skateboarding? The SHOES! Yes, guys. There is a unifying factor among those rad skate shoes that feels overwhelmingly awesome. With the majority of skate fans being males, including the growing number of young lads, it’s hard to beat the popularity of shoes especially those worn by their idols. Whether pro model or regular releases from popular skate brands, skate shoes will always be part of the top list that guys would buy for the love of all things skateboarding. We are really super stoked... Read More

magenta-skateboards-apparel-yakwax 26/08/2017

The Latest Magenta Skateboards and Apparel are Now Available at Yakwax!

  Magenta Skateboards is an independent skate company based in Bordeaux, France. They are particularly known for producing clean and well-thought out graphics, and clothing line. We are super stoked to announce that the latest Magenta Skateboard decks, tops and headwear have landed at the Yakwax store! Feel free to browse the complete collection or check our top picks below. Below are our top five favourites which you might also like:             When it’s time to update your decks and wardrobe, Magenta skateboards and clothing make... Read More