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stance-socks-summer2017 21/06/2017

The Stance Socks Summer 2017 Collection Has Arrived at Yakwax!

  Stance socks have taken over the globe with their stylishly cool and colourful designs for men, women and children. As a given, this is a brand that has interests in surfing and skateboarding, but folks from other industries such as sports and music, have also gained interest in the game-changing socks brand. From the NBA to Rihanna, to Disney and Star Wars, Stance socks have collaborated with other famous labels and individuals, and introduced to the public socks that were not available in the years before. The company made... Read More


New Batch of Primitive Skate Apparel and Accessories Available at Yakwax!

  For a hardcore skateboard fan, the brand Primitive is a significant label that resonates beyond the shores of Southern California and the United States, in general. It has garnered global recognition as one of the primary go-to brands among skaters, fans and fashionistas who love the skate style. The eclectic and classic designs of Primitive skate wear never go out of style. They are made durable and with technically advanced approach, ensuring to meet the demands of the end-users. This is why we are so stoked to announce that the latest... Read More

nectar-summer17-yakwax 17/06/2017

Nectar Summer 2017 Collection Now Available at Yakwax!

  Nectar is a lifestyle brand that offers cool and affordable sunglasses for everyone. When you think there’s no style that will fit you or complement your face shape, Nectar’s vast collection of sunglasses may have the perfect pair for you. Today is the day you will find the stylish sunnies you’ve always wanted because the Nectar summer 2017 collection has just arrived at Yakwax! You can choose from a wide variety of sunglasses that don’t only look cool, but are impact and scratch resistant. You can wear them anywhere, even... Read More

santacruz-skatewear-cap-yakwax 16/06/2017

New Santa Cruz and Independent Skate Wear and Accessories Available at Yakwax

  Santa Cruz and Independent are legendary skate brands that continue to produce innovative products for the core market. Both brands are distributed by NHS Inc., an iconic conglomerate that also distributes other renowned brands in the board sports industry. Apart from their skateboards and hardware, Santa Cruz and Independent are true innovators in all departments. Particularly when it comes to skate fashion, they produce excellent quality clothing and fashion accessories that even ‘wow’ non-skaters. We are so stoked that the latest skate wear and accessories from both brands have... Read More

protec-x-spitfire-helmet 14/06/2017

New Pro-Tec and Bullet Helmets Now Available at Yakwax!

  Protecting yourself or your child from head injuries is a serious matter, especially when it’s all about extreme sports and activities. For skaters who have years of experience, helmets are not always an option during shredding sessions particularly if they are already familiar with the terrain. But for amateurs, groms in training, and the casual fans who just want to try, it is always advisable to wear a protective head gear to avoid accidental injuries. Here at Yakwax, we value the safety of young skaters, BMX riders and similar... Read More

new-skatewear-yakwax 13/06/2017

New Butter Goods and DGK Skate Wear Have Landed at Yakwax!

  The two brands that resonate in the realm of skate wear are DGK and Butter Goods. Both are known for their bold graphics and deep roots in skateboarding, and they have similar approach to creating their skate apparel lines which is sticking with cool, but no-fuss graphics. Even for non-skaters, both DGK and Butter Goods have created a following  made up of casual fans of skate fashion. Particularly, these brands’  tops are often seen among avid skaters and their fans since the designs and colour schemes are appealing to... Read More

new-tailpads-grips-yakwax-2017 12/06/2017

New Tail Pads and Deck Grips Now Available at Yakwax!

  Slipping and sliding off of the surfboard are the nemesis of riders. This is why tail pads and deck grips were developed and continually being improved using innovative design and process. Such efforts are evident among the top brands of tail pads and deck grips of today such as Channel Islands and Modom, for they have evolved according to the needs of surfers and the waters they tread. We are so stoked to carry only the finest brands in tail grip and traction pads, and some of their latest... Read More


New Surfboard Fins by Captain Fin, FCS and Futures Have Arrived at Yakwax!

  The choice of fins you use on your surfboard has direct impact on the way you surf and overall performance. Today, there are numerous brands in the market but only several of them are the most sought-after because of their quality, innovative design and aesthetics. We are so stoked that we carry only the best brands such as FCS, Futures and Captain Fin. And incidentally, we have just received the latest additions to our fins collection! So many fins to choose from? How about checking our top five picks for starters:  ... Read More

GoPro-Frame-Hero5-Black4 10/06/2017

New GoPro Accessories Now Available at Yakwax!

    GoPro has come a long way since its introduction in the action sport industry. It has become one of the most sought-after travel, adventure and action camera for it allows users to take photos and videos of what used to be impossible shots and angles at a variety of situations and locations. We are super stoked to announce this latest drop from GoPro featuring a variety of accessories to go with your favourite action cam. Beyond the action cameras such as the Hero series, these new accessories are definitely a must... Read More

new-accessories-yakwak-2017 08/06/2017

New Surf, Skate and Phone Accessories Now Available at Yakwax!

  There are just some things you cannot do without especially with a sport like surfing or skating. Surely, you will find many basic necessities for both such as their corresponding boards and parts. But there’s more to surfing and skating than the bare minimum, so it’s best to always have these accessories handy for situations that need them the most. We are excited to announce the arrival of the newest surf, skate and phone accessories, hardware and other handy items which you can  take with you during your favourite... Read More