Bluewater Dewaxit surfboard wax remover and cleaner is the ultimate solution for maintaining great-looking boards and improving your surfing experience. The specialised de-waxing formula allows safe removal of unpleasant surf wax, sticker adhesive, tar, sunscreen oils and grime. For best results and more rewarding surfing experience, make sure to remove the old wax before applying a new coating of Dewaxit onto your board. Shred the waves with confidence and with a rejuvenated board each and every time when you have Bluewater surfboard wax in tow. Get it here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery!

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Bluewater DeWaxing & Dirt Removing Solution - UK Shop

One of the most important routines of surfers is removing the old wax on their boards to make way for new coating of wax. Some may be a little lazy in sticking with this routine, but it can greatly affect your performance overall.

Removing wax can be a bit frustrating since you need to scrape off the old wax and do not have the proper product in hand to do the job completely. One of the best wax removal solutions we have encountered is Bluewater Dewaxit. Though there's not much background information available for this product, we have found from using the product personally at Yakwax and other surfers (via online store review sections) lauding Dewaxit for its effectiveness and benefits.

The product is made of non-toxic, non-flammable and environment-friendly ingredients. It comes in a handy 250ml bottle with a safety and leak-proof cap. You can take it anytime, anywhere without the worries of spillage and leakage in your vehicle or in your gear bag.

Why Cleaning Your Board is Essential

If you are an avid surfer, always remember that routine maintenance of your board is crucial to keeping them in tiptop shape. This allows you to enjoy riding the waves even more and with renewed confidence.
Bluewater de-waxing solution is a great addition to your surfing necessities. You should always have a bottle or two in order to keep your boards in pristine condition. You can use it not just for removing old wax, but also whether applying new wax, pads, and decals, or for a routine clean up. All you need is to get a clean, dry cloth to apply and you're all set.

What Other Surfers Say about Bluewater Dewaxit

While we can confirm that Dewaxit is an effective and easy to use product, we checked other online shops that carry this amazing wax removal solution in order to get unbiased reviews and personal experiences.

Majority of the reviews were rated 4 to 5 stars, and the folks agree that this product does its job 100%.

One chap mentioned that Dewaxit did a brilliant job of removing the leftover glue from a tail pad he removed earlier from his board. He was also able to remove old wax and now his 20-year old 7-footer looks like a newly bought board fresh out of the surf shop.

Another dude pointed out that some of his pals who used Dewaxit were complaining a bit due to their boards being slippery. However, he also mentioned that leaving your stick to dry for at least 30 minutes is the best way to solve it. Alternatively, using a damp cloth in rubbing off the product can also be done if you're in a hurry.

One reviewer seemed to hate the fact that it takes a bit of muscle to remove wax build up. It took him a few hours to completely get rid of long-staying dirt, grime and wax. But the de-waxing solution made it a lot easier and faster when he cleaned his other 'dirtier’ board. The persistent layers of old wax were easier to get rid of after a good scrape down.

Now don't just read these collated reviews, go get your own Bluewater Dewaxit and other surf products right here at Yakwax and reap all the benefits! All orders within the UK come with our superb FREE UK delivery service.