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    Buy DC Shoes & Clothing Online at Yakwax

    DC are kings in the action sports world, especially when it comes to skate shoes and footwear. They cover a wide area of the industry having team riders in pretty much every action sport going, notably Surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, Auto, BMX and FMX.
    When it comes to skating DC really do mean business with a team that is made up of superstars. They are constantly pushing the boundaries in materials and design which means they offer high quality every time that not something every company out there can brag about.

    DC Shoes was founded by Ken Block and Damon Way in 1993 in an attempt to create high quality specialised footwear for the sports they loved. Back in 93 there were no real cutting edge companies making skate shoes to a high enough quality in terms of durability and performance so this led the pair to explore this gap in the market and in the process not only help skaters out but also create what has turned out to be a massive company and business that paves the way in this market today.

    DC Clothing and Accessories

    With now a very successful shoe company (DC Shoes) up and running making footwear for skaters, Bmxers, Surfers and Motor sport goers just to name a few, they looked to capitalise on their popularity by branching out with a clothing range. One of the things DC did amazingly well in it's early days was get a very powerful symbolic logo which has blessed their business growth in terms of the clothing market.
    Today DC are as well known for making Hoodies, T-Shirts, Shorts, Jackets and snow wear as they are for making shoes. They really have gone from strength to strength and never looked back.

    What we as shop owners sometimes worry about is when a company gets so big the quality of their products can drop, thankfully this has never happened with DC and we doubt ever will. Every product they knock out whether it be a pair of shoes, Hoodie, T-Shirt, Belt, Boardshorts or even Snowboard is of the very highest quality.

    DC Mens, Womens and Kids

    When DC first started out they didn't run before they could walk, they simply just made DC shoes and clothing for men as this was the most popular demographic in the skatebaord market at the time. Soon though they realised they were onto a winner and the demand began to increase so they launched an entire line dedicated to women then one aimed at kids in the boys and girls sector. Now they even have a range of shoes and clothing for infants and toddlers! They literally do cater for everyone.

    DC Snow

    Here at Yakwax we are big time into our snow seasons, Snowboard and Ski, so that is why we always make sure we stock the newest range of snow gear from DC. Not only is DC's snow range amazing looking and high in quality but it is actually very cheap in terms of the quality you get, this is something everyone loves.
    DC really do out do themselves when it comes to giving great value to their customers. Whether you are looking for a new DC snow jacket, pants, gloves, thermals, boots, bindings or snowboard, DC offer an amazing full range.

    Yakwax are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of DC Shoes UK because we love the brand and products they produce.