Footwear For Men

Shoes say a lot about a person. So it is important to have the right pair that clearly represent your personality and keep you looking good and on trend. When it comes to wearing shoes, most women expect more from men these days, who wants nasty shoes anyway? Go get yourself the best shoes! At Yakwax, our men’s footwear only comes from the best brands like DC, Diamond Supply Co., Supra, Volcom, Lakai, Emerica, ES, Fallen, Footprint Kingforam, Globe, Huf and more. Buy men's shoes online along with other footwear choices such as boots, flip flops + sandals, insoles and socks all of which come with our awesome free UK delivery service.

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Footwear for Men

Like it or not, one of the things that most women notice from men is their shoes. As a man, it is the first impression you make on a lady during your first meet. And you know what’s not satisfying about first impression? It lasts forever.

Why does men’s footwear matter? If others can wear good shoes and make their own statement, why not you? If buying expensive shoes is not listed on your vocabulary, have at least some decency to clean up and take care of your looks by wearing a nice pair of shoes, if not to please others but do it for yourself and keep your trotters happy.

Moving on, here are some ideal footwear for men;

Mens Skate Shoes

Skate shoes for men present cutting edge favourites for both the skateboarding and non-skateboarding community. In terms of designs and colours, the choices are wide. Providing comfort, protection and casual looks, these shoes are your perfect companion when you are ready to hit the street.

Mens Casual Shoes & Trainers

Span with a diverse array of designs, casual shoes & trainers for men are built for maximum comfort and versatility. To get the required fit and style, one must pay attention with the size, purpose, season, materials, brand and most importantly, your personal preferences.

High Top Shoes & Trainers for Men

High top pairs are highly favoured by modern gents. Whether you want the latest pair of DC High’s, skate shoes or supra sneakers, you can find unique designs you love from great brands. Style it up by thinking about the proportion or mix and match it with chinos or rolled-up jeans.

Running & Gym Shoes for Men

Most men runners, athletes and sporty ones have a pair or two of running shoes on their wardrobe. Running & gym shoes for men are popular in white, black and colourful designs providing flexibility and added cushioning to thoroughly hold greater impact.

Slip On Shoes & Trainers for Men

Not a fan of lace shoes? Then this slip on is for you! When it comes to flexibility, slip on shoes will not disappoint. Not only they are easy to put on and take off, this pair also provides additional layer of comfort for the user.

Shoes are great investments that are essential to great looking healthy feet. Make yours count by finding the best men’s footwear online at Check out exceptional brands like DC, Diamond Supply Co., DVS, Emerica, ES, Fallen, Globe, Huf, Laki, Supra and Volcom.