Chino Pants & Trousers For Men

Men's chino pants are considered as all-around smart, casual or trendy wear for guys. Many guys favour the comfort and effortless style of these trousers in almost any type of setting. These are among the versatile bottomwear that can be worn in the office, at the pub and even outdoors at the skate park. So if you want a break from wearing jeans, chino pants are the smart option. Find your pair of men's chinos here at Yakwax by checking our collection from our awesome collection of surf, skate and streetwear brands such Brixton, Rusty, Turbokolor, Vissla and Volcom to name just a few. All with FREE UK delivery when you order!

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Chino Pants & Trousers For Men

Many are confused when it comes to chino pants. Some think it is the same as khakis, while others believe it is a hybrid of traditional khaki pants. To put it simply, chino is a type of twill fabric and it is also a terminology used for the trousers that are made from it. It is also safe to say that they stand in between khakis and dress pants.

These trousers are often made of mixed chino and cotton fabrics, and also a mix of synthetic materials. They are also regarded as a smart choice if you want more freedom and comfort. Often worn as an alternative to business pants, men's chino trousers are great for achieving both formal and casual styles. Even outdoorsy and sporty guys love the stylish and casual characteristics of these pants which do a great job in rocking t-shirts, hoodies, sneakers and even flip-flops!

The key to wearing chinos is to consider the occasion, place and situation you're wearing it for. Your choice of colour is also important in building your getup. If you want to wear bold colours, you can go for more subdued or neutral coloured tops, and vice-vera. And of course, it's essential to choose a well-fitting type that flatters your overall appearance. Find yours in our collection of men's chino pants from top surf, skate and streetwear lifestyle brands such as Brixton, Rusty, Turbokolor, Vissla and Volcom. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax.