Neoprene Queen

When you head out to surf, it is essential to bring a repair kit for wetsuit and any other neoprene-based gear and apparel. If you are looking for a new product in this case, Neoprene Queen is one of those handy adhesives that work for neoprene wetsuits and other materials. They come in various sizes and bundles to suit every surfer, body boarder, angler and other water-loving sports practitioners and professionals. Shop for Neoprene Queen adhesives and kits here at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery service!

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Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Adhesive - UK Store

One of the greatest nemesis of water sports practitioners is damaged wetsuit. Even the smallest rips and holes can be a huge problem especially when heading out in the chilly waters. Repairing these small damages on the spot is the only way to allow you to go back into the water in no time. Unless you have a spare in your bag, all you can do is go home and have your suit repaired.

In worse cases, wetsuits need to be replaced especially when there are no available services to repair the damage. Neoprene Queen is a brand that understands these sorts of problems and they have come up with a product that lets you repair and restore your wetsuit and other neoprene-based items quickly and effectively, without overspending.

Neoprene Queen is the product of Stormsure, a Cambridge-based company that manufactures and sells adhesives, repair kits and tapes particularly for outdoor adventurers, water sports enthusiasts and DIY hobbyists. Their products are especially made for consumers as well as related markets. Neoprene Queen and other Stormsure products are distributed on wholesale basis, but they are also retailed via the company’s e-commerce shop.

Neoprene Queen Adhesive Products

There are several varieties of Neoprene Queen in terms of size and bundles. Anyone who owns a wetsuit and other neoprene-based products for water sports and outdoor activities will benefit from their line of products. Whether pro or amateur, avid traveller or not, you will find Neoprene Queen quite handy.

Wetsuit Repair Kit (30g) – This is the standard repair kit that contains a 30g tube of Neoprene Queen’s contact adhesive and five pieces of round neoprene patches. You will find easy to follow guideline at the back of the packaging. Take this repair kit anywhere you go. Just pack it inside your backpack, glove compartment or surfboard bag. 

Wetsuit Repair Kit (box of 12) – This repair kit box/pack is great for a team of divers, surfers, body boarders, sailors and other outdoor hobbyists and professionals who use neoprene-based gear and apparel. This pack is also a good gift idea for your water sports buddies. 

Wetsuit Repair Adhesive (30g) – This is the signature Neoprene Queen black adhesive in a 30g tube which you can purchase as a single item. Use it to glue back the edges of your ripped neoprene wetsuit. Firmly press the edges together for 20 seconds to ensure proper adhesion. Don’t leave home without it!

Wetsuit Repair Adhesive (5g) – If you need a spare tube of neoprene adhesive, this 5g tube is super handy that it fits small pouches and pockets. Take it anytime you hit the beach to ensure you’re covered when your neoprene swim/surf wear accidentally get damaged.

Wetsuit Repair Adhesive (5g, pack of 3) – Get the pack of 3 of wetsuit adhesive in 5g tube if you need extra tubes available in your car, backpack and travel bag. This pack is also a good gift idea for your water-loving buddies.

Wetsuit Repair Adhesive (5g, 75 pieces in a jar) – If you are planning to stock up on the 5g Neoprene Queen repair adhesive, they have a (pack) jar of 75 pieces that will last for months. If you happen to sell surf products, this is a good addition to your shop’s inventory.

Wetsuit Repair Adhesive (30g, box of 30) – Box of 30’s 30g repair adhesives are great for store owners, avid water sports practitioners and teams. Get one box for your friends or team whenever you travel or as gifts to your mates.

Triathlon Wetsuit Maintenance Bundle – This set features three 5g tube of Neoprene Queen wetsuit adhesive, SLIK Lubricant and TALC Unscented Powder. This is the perfect bundle for triathletes to ensure you are prepared for any possible scenarios.

While it is essential to own high-quality wetsuits and neoprene-based items to avoid possible issues, you should also remember that inevitable scenarios such as rips and minor damages are just moments away. So why worry whenever you hit the waves, when you keep a tube or two of Neoprene Queen repair adhesive. You can get them here at the Yakwax store together with out amazing FREE UK delivery service!