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Primitive Apparel is a globally renowned clothing label that is deeply rooted in Southern California's skateboard culture that extends into diverse subcultures of music and art. The company started as a boutique in L.A. that curates the finest labels in skate and street wear styles, with products ranging from skate shoes, t-shirts, snapback caps, accessories, Hoodies and Jackets. Today, Primitive Apparel's own clothing line has strong emphasis on nostalgia and eclecticism, combined with technically advanced approach to meet the demands of the global market. Get the latest Primitive Apparel products here at Yakwax!  All with FREE UK delivery.

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Street League icon, Paul Rodriguez (P.Rod) and two of his friends, Andy Netkin and Jubal Jones, started Primitive Apparel in 2008. It was not yet a fully fledged brand back then, since the founders curated mostly limited edition sneakers and skate footwear along with their favourite items from a variety of brands and sold them in one place.

Aside from the legendary P.Rod, Primitive Apparel has a skate team comprised of (pros) Paul Rodriguez, Bastien Salabanzi, Shane O'Neill, Carlos Ribeiro, Nick Tucker, Devine Calloway, Brian Peacock, (amateurs) Trent McClung and Diego Najera.

Don't be surprised if you find Primitive Apparel products with an additional logo or brand since they have also collaborated with other renowned brands such as Nike, Vans, DVS, Diamond Supply Co., New Era and Grizzly Griptape among many others.

From Curating Fine Footwear to Creating Their Own Product Line

The Primitive Apparel boutique grew and included a full in-house line of skate and streetwear products inspired by their Southern California roots. The boutique in Los Angeles became one of the most renowned shops in the valley, with locals and tourists visiting to get a taste of the prominent L.A. skate culture.

Among the most popular items in the shop are their graphic tees that range from parody to California-focused conceptual art, as well as headwear with bold prints that either call out or pay tribute to their neighbourhood such as VALLEY and BLVD (Ventura), and the company's original 'P' logo. 

Considered as one of the most hyped and fastest growing skate brands in the U.S., Primitive Apparel sticks with the skateboard and streetwear culture in order to keep their level of authenticity high. Their current offerings embody these qualities that are uniquely expressed in their in-house collections of graphic t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, caps, socks, pants and accessories.

Foraying Online Into eCommerce and Wholesale

In the early part of 2016, Primitive Apparel closed their L.A. shop to focus on eCommerce and wholesale. Currently, they have stockists and retailers in Europe, Australia and all over the United States.

In one of the recent interviews with the co-founders, they mentioned that they don't need a physical store since they are driven by what they love to do which is to sell. As far as reaching and engaging with more customers, they are aware of the evolving youth culture and they are constantly looking for ways to bring to the fore their media and products in order to grow and evolve as a global brand.

The popular neighbourhood boutique may be gone, but Primitive Apparel's in-house collections have already surpassed the shop's sales for a few years now. Perhaps it's one reason why they opted to go fully online and distribute their products to local and international accounts. But it also goes to show that the brand has already captured the global audience.

Here at Yakwax we are among a number of hardcore European stockists/retailers that carry the Primitive brand and we believe that skate culture is forever rooted among the athletes and their avid fans, so there's always continuity and evolution going on among them and the products they love.

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