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Paul Rodriguez's own skateboard brand Primitive Skateboarding is a great addition to his already thriving Primitive Apparel. It is a separate brand in the sense that it focuses mainly on decks, trucks, wheels and grips. We are not surprised that Paul took this leap after being an ambassador himself for another skate brand and it is only fitting since they already have the facility, creative people and distribution through the apparel brand. With signature pro and collaborative decks, you'd really want to go one for yourself. Shop for Primitive Skate goods here at Yakwax with our FREE UK delivery service.

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Primitive Skateboarding Online UK Store

Primitive Skateboarding is a brand that produces skateboard decks, trucks, wheels and grips. They are known for creating cool, fun and cartoonish graphics on decks, but they do make plain coloured and graphically detailed decks under their signature and collaborative collections.

The launch of Primitive Skateboarding is quite memorable. When The Berrics announced that they would be selling limited edition P-Rod "Gold Eagle" models, the 100 decks (and 50 more) they've put out during the launch sold out in record 49 seconds. Fans have been anxious since the announcement and it's no surprise to see such support for their idol.
Currently, Primitive Skateboarding offer signature decks of their team riders headed by Paul Rodriguez, Nick Tucker, Shane O'Neill, Brian Peacock, Devine Calloway, Bastien Salabanzi and Carlos Ribeiro.

Living the Dream and Having More Ownership (of Himself)

When you have an apparel brand that caters mostly to skateboarders, it is reasonable to put up a 'sister brand' that makes the equipment as well. In Paul's past interviews, he mentioned that they already have the facility, creative staff and distribution capabilities in place, so it only makes sense to create a complementary brand. And that's what he did in 2014 after contemplating for ten months after resigning as an ambassador from Plan B (another skateboard brand).

The idea of launching a skateboard brand came about in 2012. He quit Plan B skateboards without a plan after being sponsored for a final year. The ten months of having no skateboard sponsor gave him the opportunity to move forward with his idea of launching a new brand within the Primitive business.

It's understandable when we hear stories like this because skaters also need to grow in order to support themselves (when they get old) and the younger generation of shredders in any way they can. In the case of Paul, he's been riding boards for over 17 years and he feels skateboarding should never be just being a pro skater - it has to be beyond skating and sponsorships.

Although Paul is the President of Primitive Skateboarding, he admits that he's not always in the office taking calls and sending out emails to customers. He's still skating and competing, doing the things he love first and foremost while bearing the brand/s he owns.

Apparel and Accessories

There's a separate line of apparel exclusively for Primitive Skateboarding which include hats and t-shirts. They also have commemorative decks, apparel, grips and small accessories bearing the images of Biggie, Anna Nicole Smith, and Tupac.

In the recent years, the brand launched their own line of hardgoods including skateboard bearings and tool kits.

What's In Store For Primitive Skateboarding?

Since the brand is fairly young as of late, more collabs in the future are always a possibility, since Paul is super connected and has a great network within and beyond the skateboarding community. 

Even for a non-solid fan of the two Primitive brands, there's always a reason to check out what's in store with both. With the iconic skater at the helm of Primitive Skateboarding, there's always something to look forward to - may it be a collab or a new collection. And to complement, there's the apparel brand to match the distinct appeal that is uniquely Primitive.

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