Shake Junt

Shake Junt is one of the many skate brands that were formed by good friends in the industry out of the love of skateboarding. Shake Junt produce quality bearings, bolts, griptape, basic apparel, headwear, stickers and novelty items as well as various other skate accessories. The brand is also known for their numerous skateboarding videos. Get Shake Junt skate hardware, accessories and apparel here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.

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Shake Junt Skateboard Gear - Online UK Store

Shake Junt is skateboarding lifestyle brand and is considered as one of today's most sought-after in the skate industry. They offer a wide array of skateboard products which made them a household name among beginner and pro skaters alike.

Shane Heyl founded the brand in mid 2000's and it started as a small and un-organised business. The very first products were iron-on t-shirts and printed out stickers which were individually cut by scissors.

Today, Shake Junt is still owned by its founder and distributed by Baker Boys Distribution since 2008. The brand is known for their quality griptape and skateboard hardware. As the company grew over the years, they have added coloured and graphic clothing, headwear, and basic accessories that every skater is known to have.

Shake Junt skateboard hardware are proven durable even after months of hardcore skating. We've had feedback in store from the vast majority of riders mentioning that the kits, bolts and bearings did not lose performance even after months of using them.

Also known for filming their homies' skate adventures, Shake Junt was able to produce thousands of original videos. Japan has 500 of those original videos and 100 were distributed in Australia.

The Shake Junt team riders are consist of the Baker and Deathwish riders such as Ali Boulala, Beagle One-ism, Don Nguyen, Elissa Steamer, Erik Hamamoto, Figgy, Flip Nasty, Ishod Weir, Kevin Long, Lizard King, Neen Williams, Steve Perez, Terry Kennedy, and many more.

Shake Junt... Is What!?

The brand's name seems to be a bit odd especially to those who are not familiar with its origin. The name is a slang or made up term for "strip club" since 'junt' refers to a place or thing. To put it simply, 'Shake Junt' is interpreted as 'booties shaking at the place'.

Shane was also introduced to the song 'Shake Junt' by DJ Paul and he originally just wanted to skate to it. However, he picked up a camera and started filming his buddies which resulted to plenty of footages that led to the creation of the Shake Junt video. This song eventually became the theme of the brand all throughout.

"By the homies, for the homies"

The brand's mantra truly represents its people - within the company and those in front and behind the camera. It is a common theme among many skate brands to create something as a fallback for the founders and their skating buddies.

This mantra also rings true for the distributors (Baker Boys) as they aim to provide jobs to their peers, while providing quality skate products to their target consumers.

Notable Collaborations

Shake Junt's collaborations with other renowned brands are notable within the skateboarding community. Over the years, they have worked with and came up with really cool skate products with brands like Emerica, Westside Skateshop, Supra, Baker, Ravenous Skateboards, Deathwish, Stance and Gangsta Boo.

If you're really into the skating lifestyle and would like to convey that through your equipment and apparel, Shake Junt is one of the established brands to go for. From head to feet, you'll be able to exude your preferred lifestyle with flying colours.

Get Shake Junt skate hardware, accessories and clothing only here at Yakwax and receive our rad FREE UK delivery service.