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At Yakwax we are mad crazy on surfing. The owners Rob and Johnny pretty much dedicated and have dedicated their lives to it since they first took it up, the pair have travelled the world on numerous occasions searching for perfect waves and get their fix.

Because we have this backbone to our business here at Yakwax you know that surfing comes very high on the priority list of things we must have and must take very seriously. With this ethos we make sure we stock a great range of wetsuits to suit every surfer all year round wheter they're a kid, women or man and no matter whether they are after a cheap summer suit of the best wetsuit currently in production which is the Xcel Drylock we have got something for everyone. As well as wetsuits we also stock a great selection of surf fins as we know how crucial a fin is for your surfboard and level of performance as well as leashes, deck grips, surf wax and every other surfing accessorie you can think of.

Mens Wetsuits

As we mentioned above we have a grand selection of wetsuits from Xcel available for every single person in mind, In this section we are going to focus on mens wetsuits which we have a number of models to choose from. To find out more about Mens Wetsuits click the link

Womens Wetsuits

Again like with the mens selection we also cater for ladies in our womens wetsuit department. We have got winter, summer and shortys available to find out more simply click the link above

Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins is another one of those surfing items that is absolutely essential yet still undervalued by many people. What a great deal of people don't realise is that changing your fins could have a massive benefit on your surfing ability. Click surfboard fins to find out more.

Surf Wax

Surfboard wax is another thing that you simply cannot do without when it comes to surfing. Without surf wax you would simply slip off your board non stop. To find out more information on different types of wax and the different brands that make it simply click this link Surf Wax.

Surf Leashes

Like with wax the surfboard leash is a must have for anyone wanting to go for a surf. If you're not wearing a leash then every time you fall off your board you will need to swim the entire way into shore to fetch your surfboard. To find out more details about our surf leashes click the link.


At Yakwax we supply surfboard by many different manufacturers depending on the customers needs. Such brands as Surftech, Channel Islands by Al Merrick, ...Lost, Pukas, Rusty, Pyzel, Libtech surfboards and many more. All of these brands offer something very unique for the surfer so pop in our shop and have a chat with one of our in house experts about exactly what you want.