Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kits

It is a common sense to fix your Epoxy surfboard straight away if it suffers from a ding, if you try to carry on using it, it can have a terrible outcome on your boards lifespan. While repair is being provided by many local surfboard shops, some surfers choose the DIY processes to save time and money. With basic understanding and research, one can handle ding repair without any problems by using an Epoxy Resin Surfboard Repair Kit. Check out these items online from Board Bog, phix doctor, solarez and Northcore brands to name just a few with free UK shipping only at Yakwax.

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When saving hard for a new board and especially one that turns out to be a dream board you will want to make sure you keep it in pristine condition as this not only effects longevity but also immediate performance. Should you be in the unfortunate position of dinging your brand new Epoxy surfboard you will need to make sure you get it fixed nice and quick.

There are two different types of surfboard resin materials; one that is made from polyester and the other is epoxy resin. Polyester resin is known as a traditional substance used on surfboards since the shortboard revolution back in the early 70’s. While the epoxy resin is considered a modern surfboard material very popular nowadays due to its incredible strength, durability and ultra lightweight characteristics.

Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kits

To make sure nothing will hinder your fun on the waves, a reliable board with quality glass job is essential. But no matter how hard or tough your surfboard is, dings do happen and usually when you least expect them or through absolutely no fault of your own!

When this happens Yakwax stocks a killer selection of Epoxy ding repair kits to allow you to fix your board. Brands like Northcore, Phix Doctor, Solarez and Board bog are just a few of the most outstanding names that provide these epoxy repair kits. These kits are easy to use, and some don't require a very long drying time. It can also be used as a permanent or temporary solution and won’t take off  until you remove it intentionally.

For more information about epoxy surfboard kits online, browse Yakwax's collection today.