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No matter if you are planning on surfing in chilly or cold water, in the tropics over shallow reefs passes or a beach break that has nasty little creatures like weaver fish you are going to need a good pair of wetsuit boots.


Here at Yakwax we tick all of the above so that is why we supply a number of different style wetsuit boots.

All of the wetsuit boots that we stock are made by Xcel wetstuis who are regarded by many as the best wetsuit company anywhere in the world having won wetsuit of the year 3 times in a row.

Reef Walkers

They have a number of models available such as the Reef Walker, this is a great cheap low cost wetsuit boot that is very popular among parents looking to protect there's and their kids feet when playing in the water or walking over rocks. They are a hard wearing 1mm ankle boot so your feet will never get too hot in them and they are extremely easy to get on and off.Wetsuit Boots

The Xcel Infiniti range is among their most popular, this follows the same trend as the infiniti wetsuit with blind stitched and taped seams that stop water getting through the boot and an extremely high performance slit toe sole that allows you great board feel when you are surfing.

The Xcel Drylock Boot

The Drylock is the very top of the range wetsuit boot that Xcel produce. Using the same technology that the Drylock wetsuit uses and remember this is the wetsuit that has won wetsuit of the year award 3 times now. This means the boot is extremely high in quality in terms of board feel and also durability and first and foremost keeping your feet warm even on the coldest of winter surf sessions.

Reef Boots

Reef boots unlike the reef walker is aimed at surfers looking to surf in tropical places over shallow coral reefs or simply somewhere that has shallow water over a rock bottom. They are neoprene boots made 1mm thin so your feet don't over heat in places like Indonesia but have a hard wearing high performance sole that protects your feet from getting cut by the reef and also offer great surfboard feel so it doesn't effect your surfing performance.