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Wetsuit Hoods & Caps

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The reason by wetsuit hoods and surf caps are so important is because of the following reason.

If you have ever experienced proper brain freeze when you are out surfing or partaking in activity in the water when its cold you will know that it is a horrendous thing to happen to you.

We have seen many grown men who you would consider to be quite tough nearly reduced to tears at the agony brain or head freeze brings on each and every duck dive or any time you submerge under the water.


Because its such a nasty thing to happen it really is essential that you have a good quality wetsuit hood or surf cap for these cold surfs.

not only will a good neoprene hood combat the pain you receive on every duck dive and wipeout but it will also protect your ears from cold wind chill that lead to surfers ear.

The bottom line with wearing  a wetsuit hood is that you won't receive pain on every duck dive especially on long paddle outs, your ears will be protected from the cold better and both these things will ultimately allow you to stay in the water longer and catch more waves.


The wetsuit hoods and surf caps that we sell at cheap prices are of the highest quality and are made by Xcel wetsuits. Xcel make the finest wetsuit products available on the market anywhere in the world and Xcel hoods and caps offer you all the protection from the elements you could ever wish for. They come with peaked visors as standard so your eyes will be protected from water run off.