Surfboard Socks

A surfer's prized possession is his/her surfboard, so it's only imperative to protect it wherever he/she goes. Surfboard socks are often made with stretchy and soft material, and can prevent scratches, nicks and minor damages especially when storing them at home. For shorter trips, keeping your board in a stretchy knit surf cover will keep it from getting scratched and your car's seat from getting caked in wax especially on hot summer days. Protect your surfboard anytime, anywhere with stretch board socks from FCS, Gorilla Surf and Modom, among other leading brands we carry. Shop today at Yakwax and get FREE UK delivery.

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Surfboard Socks

Your surfboard is a big investment and you need to protect it especially when not in use. Perhaps the next surfboard gear to purchase that should come naturally, a surfboard sock. These are often made of cotton or wool or any stretchy material and, more often than not, will have colourful eye catching patterns. 

Choosing a stretchy knit surf cover does not entirely protect your board from all possible damages since it only provides a layer of protection. When you store it in the garage or in your room, this type of cover will suffice especially when you place your board on a safe corner or on an overhead rack. 

If you travel a short distance to get to the ocean, it is still advisable to keep your board covered. The wax on its surface can be transferred to your car's seat if there's nothing in between them. Plus, some of the edges and corners in your car can cause possible damages such as scratches and nicks. It is easy to prevent these scenarios if you have a surfboard sock to store your board in.

Often reasonably priced and highly available, any type of surfboard bag or cover is a great investment together to wrap your pride and joy in. Check our collection from the likes of FCSGorilla Surf and Modom - all with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!