Surfboard Fin Accessories

Fin accessories can sometimes be just as important as the surfboards and fins. Some of the most important accessories or features on surfboard fins are the surf fin key, grub screws and ratchet tools etc as without them you may now be able to attach your fins to your board, and when you're staring at firing waves on your next surf trip that is the last thing you want! Investing in the best fin accessories allows you to customize how you want to surf. Yakwax carries a good array of high performance accessories for your fins, generally by FCS, Futures, Northcore and Alder. Shop for all your surfboard fin accessories online now with free UK standard delivery!

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So you've got yourself a surfboard, fins and a wetsuit, now it's time to to get those smaller bits that make your life easier and are for some reason very satisfying to serious surfers!

Fin accessories, though small, are very useful when you need to replace or fix the surf fins. Sometimes, we tend to disregard them, until we really need them. These things will make the whole surf experience easier and let you focus on riding the waves.

For most fin systems like FCS and Futures fins, accessories such as a fin key, longboard spare parts kit, fin boxes and crosshead screws, grub screws, ratchet, fin wallets to store your fins neatly when travelling and knubster centre keel fin are used to keep the fins in place. Learning these accessories and their functions is a crucial step towards learning how to surf and take care of your surfboard fins.

Fin Keys

Fin Keys are used for inserting and removing surfboard fins. This little tool will work on any types of fin and features a built in loophole and metal piece and they are made by multiple companies such as FCS and Futures in a wide variety of colours.

Longboard Spare Parts Kit

This surf fin kit comes with FCS key, stainless plates, short/long crew, plastic shims and instruction sheet that are used to ensure  a longboarder or single fin rider can take care of a snug fit in any fin box.

Fin Box Bolt and Crosshead

This accessory is useful when you need to replace or change the parts from your longboard or single fin, it's also advisable to take a spare with you when go on your next surf trip. the last thing you want is to lose your current one or need a replacement when you're in the middle of nowhere scoring the best waves of your life.

Grub Screws

Spare grub screws are essential parts of fin boxes. It made of a durable polycarbonate handle and stainless steel hex shaft that are useful when an original one needs replacement, again it's very advisable to pack some spare grub screw when you go on your next surf trip.

Surfboard Fin Grub Screw Ratchet

To quickly and easily remove or change your fins particularly the stubborn grub screws, this tool is needed especially when removing rounded off old damaged grub screws.

Knubster Fin

This can be added to the fin setup to improve directional control and drive, maintain speed and boost fluidity. Knubster fins are super popular for surfers who love to ride quad setups but don't like the skaty feel you sometimes get.

Make sure you're fully kitted out with all the surfboard gear you need before you hit the waves. Check out Yakwax's great selection of surfboard fin accessories from FCS, Futures, Northcore and Nutz online now!