Longboard & Single Fins

The fin design is an important element of every surfboard. Lacking the right characteristics of a fin for surfing would not be where it is today. Setting up your longboard or retro style board with single fins would definitely change the feel and effect the overall performance. Longboard & Single Fins seem best suited to surfer who want to trim, nose ride and do turns that the stable feel of the single fins allows. Shop for your Longboard & Single Fins online at Yakwax from your favourite brands like FCS and Futures. Guaranteed high quality surfboard fins with different colours and sizes available - free delivery in UK!

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Every surfer is different but cruisy guys tend to prefer long boarding or retro style surfboards, more often than not these types of boards will be fitted with a single fin system which is traditional and a throwback to the early days of surfing before the modern era took over.

The longboard is the first type of surfboard that had undergone numerous variations over the past couple of years to boost its performance and physical features. To make your longboard rides at its best and maximise its potential, using specific styles of single fins is very essential. Having the right fin setup can influence the way a longboard performs.

Longboard & Single Fins

Single fins are known as the most conventional longboard setup that provide stability and loose feel and are key when it comes to noseriding or performing helicopters.

When buying longboard single fins, the following factors must be considered;

1. The toe or angle of the fin that can increase pressure and enhance control.
2. Cant of a fin also known as the angle between the fin that tends to improve responsiveness.
3. Foil of a fin or the shape of fin which determines the position of the water movement.
4. Rake of a fin which is essential to improve its turning radius and minimise stability.
5. Flex or stiffness of a fin to determine how a longboard can handle the waves.
6. Base of the surfboard fin that can influence the ability of a longboard to accelerate through water.
7. Longboard depth which affects the ability of your board in gripping water through several turns.

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