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Surf Wax

Surf Wax for your Surfboard

At Yakwax we are massive fans of 'choice' so this is why we bring to you a massive and diverse range of surf wax for your stick.


Surfboard Wax is probably the most important thing in surfing after the surfboard itself! Simple as that. Without wax no your board there is no way you could stand up and perform the moves you are currently doing.

There are a ton of surfwax companies out there but some are far better than others and we have used our knowledge, experience and actually try everything ourselves to find out which surfboard wax's actually work the best! We then bring these waxes to you at the cheapest prices around!


We stock surfboard wax from companies such as Mrs Palmers, Famous wax, Sex Wax, Sticky Bumps and Waxy Wax to give you some funky colour.

All of these waxes are very grippy and come in a multitude of compounds such as cold water, cool water, warm water and tropical wax.

You need to choose the right compound for where you are surfing otherwise one of two things is going to happen. The first is if you used tropical wax in cold water it will be extremely hard to get the stuff on your board and then if you eventually do it will have very little grip. If you use cold water wax in the hot tropical conditions it will simply melt off your board and will look like you never had wax on it in the first place.