Wax Buddy

Wax Buddy is a three-in-one wax comb, scraper and rail cleaner developed by surfers for surfers. It is made of heavy duty recycled plastic that is shaped ergonomically and fits perfectly in your hand – allowing you to control and easily scrape off old wax from your surfboard. Wax Buddy is available in a variety of colours and can be used in pop-opening your favourite drink. When it’s time to throw away your old wax comb, Wax Buddy is the perfect replacement. Get it here at Yakwax together with our rad FREE UK delivery service!

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Wax Buddy Surf Wax Scraper & Combs UK Store

Taking care of your surfboard is a necessary step towards keeping it for longer. One of the major tasks that’s part of a surfer’s routine is removing old wax which built up over time. It is a crucial task prior applying fresh coating of wax since remnants of the old wax can hamper the application and may not produce an even finish.

However, it is easier and more achievable to remove old wax entirely from your surfboard with Wax Buddy scraper. This wax comb is not your ordinary type as it is made from 100% heavy duty recycled plastic that’s ergonomically designed to fit in your hand – allowing more efficient scraping off of old wax and raking out newly applied wax for smoother finish.

Founded by three surfers headed by longboard rider/architect Ron DiMauro in 2009, Wax Buddy scrapers are available in various colours and in standard and with bottle opener variants. These wax combs can also be customised for individual use, resale or marketing materials for your company’s customers.

The brand’s team riders know very well that their wax combs are made by avid surfers for fellow surfers. The team is consist of Haylie Powell, Leonard Monni, Holly Williams and Jordan Renner.

Wax Buddy Solves a Common Problem

As mentioned earlier, removing old wax from your surfboard is a crucial part of surfing. The founder and his buddies know exactly how it feels to use those good old, palm-busting wax combs. While they are effective, it takes a longer time to scrape off the old wax; thus, making it more challenging and physically painful because of the pressure.

Other surfers who have tried other tools to make it a little bit easier may found kitchen gadgets and everyday items, such as credit cards and spatulas, quite handy. But these can also damage your boards if excessive pressure or not enough care is applied when combing off the old wax.

Wax Buddy integrates a comb, a scraper and a rail edge, and the brand has a trademark on the handle that provides fantastic leverage. These features enable surfers to easily glide the wax comb without straining their hands due to pressure and the less time they need to spend on removing old wax build up. It is absolutely the kind of wax comb everyone was looking for, so they can enjoy surfing for longer periods instead of spending a long time scraping and re-applying wax.

By Surfers, For Surfers

The people who believed in the founders’ vision to create a superb wax comb are the very people who use them. Of course, it’s not always easy to convince friends and family who once thought why they need to spend time, money and effort on such a mundane product.

But when a prototype was introduced to surfer Mikey DeTemple in 2009, after Ron found him scraping old wax with a credit card as the best waves await in the ocean, it started the ball rolling. Mikey used the wax comb right away and immediately saw the results, so he asked where to buy them. According to Ron, Mikey wanted to buy one because he has never seen anything like it in the market and it makes cleaning surfboards easy and fun again.

Ron was advised by the surfer to patent his design and sell the wax combs. He went back to his office and asked his architectural team if he should sell his product to surf shops. After producing their first batch, they sold it to 1,000 surf shops in the USA and asked the owners to provide their honest feedbacks of the product in order for the company to perfect the next batch.

The resulting wax comb was a heftier, thicker and shorter version of the original one. The company sent this latest batch to the 1,000 shops once again and, incredibly, 95% of the shops ordered an extra case on the spot. The surf shop owners and their customers love the product because they saw that what they’ve commented were incorporated into the new design. To put it simply - Wax Buddy wax comb/scraper was designed by the surfing community with the three visionary surfers not quitting on their goals and driving the project into fruition and success.

If you’re still using that old wax comb and suffering its consequences, now is the right time to switch to Wax Buddy. No need to apply too much pressure just to remove those unwanted old wax, when you can easily do so with less effort. 

Shop for Wax Buddy wax combs here at the Yakwax store and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!